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Alan is the father of three, grandfather of ten…so far, and author of over twenty books.  He brings his 30 years as a real estate broker, 25 years as a teacher and life coach at a Bible school, and 40 years of owning and operating a variety of businesses to bear on a plethora of topics.  Surviving a near-fatal car wreck in 1986, having a surgical sponge removed two years after the original surgery in 2001, disabled by two brain stem strokes in 2009, and financially devastated by an F-3 tornado in 2011, Alan is more victorious and God-centered than ever. Educated at the Air Force Academy and Oral Roberts University (where he met and married the love of his life, Lynn), he has a glass-half-full optimism that is contagious and sprinkled throughout his daily blog Clarity and his books (available at subdeo.com). Currently, he lives, writes, and counsels in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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