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CLARITY – 1-9-18 Duh! You Think?!


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 1-9-18


Duh! You Think?!


What’s Happening:  “A couple of Apple’s investors (controlling collectively over $2 billion in stock) have written the board of the tech giant complaining that there is a growing body of evidence that the over-use of technology might be harming kids’ brains ( “We’re not software engineers, and we don’t pretend to be,” one of them said. “And we’re not doctors and we don’t pretend to be. What we’re saying is, hey, software engineers, hey doctors, get together and form a real effort to understand this issue better and go where the research takes you.”


Knee-jerk Response: “What’s bad about technology?”


Biblical Response:  “Nothing, in itself, but it does do all your critical thinking for you and for kids…well, maybe they need to play outside more. The problem with many devices is also their greatest asset:  they do things for you that you don’t have time to do for yourself….an asset for adults who never have enough time, but not for kids with developing brains. Kids not only need to develop their brains, but also their social skills. They need to learn how to make real friends, not just virtual ones.”


“Christians? Lessons like ‘bad company corrupts good morals’ (1 Cor. 15:33) should be learned on the playground or in the neighborhood (or in that now old-fashioned Bible)…it’s sure not taught on Facebook or your smartphone. Technology was intended (by God) to be a blessing, not a curse. Of course, parents might have to turn away from their smartphones long enough to tell their children: ‘No.’”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to not allow what was supposed to be a blessing to become a distraction (or a curse); in Jesus’ Name, amen.” © Alan E.Sargent


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