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CLARITY – 10-20-18 Fish or Cut Bait Time


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 10-20-18

Fish or Cut Bait Time


What’s Happening: “Do you know what is supposed to happen in Washington, D.C. tonight at 7pm ET? A group of witches is supposed to hold an event where they will put a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family! They are charging $10 for the tickets to this event and pledge to give 25% of this fee to Planned Parenthood. It is not being reported by any of the mainstream media and I only got word of it through my sources who heavily referred to a Tucker Carlson report of weeks ago…hopefully, you’ll find it as troubling as I did ( Either we take what is said seriously or we relegate Christendom to the heap of superstition that much of the world does today.”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “Oh, you’re just being an alarmist. I think it’s just too close to halloween and you are taking too much, way too seriously!”


Biblical Response:  “Am I? Perhaps most of the world thinks what Jesus spent much of His ministry fighting (1 John 3:8) is just so much historical mumbo jumbo.


“Christians? Let me share a story: There was this fisherman who came in about the same time everyone else was going out…and he always had a boatload of fish. Well, this game warden was curious, so he spent the night at the dock. Sure enough, the successful fisherman showed up about 3AM and began loading up to motor off into the mist. “Mind if I join you?” Asked the Officer.


“Suit yourself,” came the gruff reply. And with the game officer in the bow, they left the dock. Shortly, they arrived at a cove, the game warden could just make out the outlines of the shore. “Are we gonna fish here?” the warden asked. The fisherman just puffed on his cigar and pulled a stick of dynamite from his tackle box, lit it and threw it into the water. KABOOM! Fish began coming up everywhere and the fisherman began scooping them up, covering the bottom of his boat.


The game warden was in shock. He couldn’t believe anyone would be so brazen as to do something so illegal with him right in the boat! When he could finally regain his composure, he managed to sputter, “Don’t you know that’s illegal?!


Without saying a word, the fisherman took another drag on his cigar, lit a stick of dynamite, threw it in the warden’s lap and said, “Are you gonna fish, or cut bait?”.


I share that story to say it’s time to get serious about prayer…are you going to fish or cut bait. Me? I’ll be praying tonight about 5:30pm CT . I believe satan is mighty…but God is almighty.”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to take seriously the threats of the enemy…or not…and suffer the consequences; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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