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CLARITY – 11-1-19 I Guess We’ll See


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 11-1-19

I Guess We’ll See

It’s Happening: “Two things of great significance happened yesterday (and no, one of them was NOT Halloween…even if you take a more historical view…I’ll explain later): yesterday was the 502nd anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of his famous 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Chapel door (the start of the Protestant Reformation and hence Reformation Day) AND Ivanka Trump’s quoting of Thomas Jefferson in her response to the passage in the House of Representatives of a formal inquiry to Articles of Impeachment. She said on Twitter: ‘…surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen, and inventing where facts fail them.’ -Thomas Jefferson’s reflections on Washington, D.C. in a letter to his daughter Martha….’Some things never change, dad!’ ( Although Trump has released the complete transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian President and claimed there was no ‘quid pro quo,’ the House still passed the request for a formal impeachment inquiry…the passage was on nearly a party line vote (232 to 196).”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “It’s all over the news.”

Biblical Response:  “Yeah, but it’s ‘much ado about nothing.’ If the Republicans are truly allowed to question witnesses the Democrats call, and even call their own witnesses, AND if the inquiry is truly public – which I doubt – the American public will see and decide for themselves if the President has committed an impeachable offense. The Democrats are being accused of trying to negate the results of an election they lost…I guess we’ll see.

“Christians? We believe that the truth sets free (John 8:32). In this case, we hope it sees the light of day. Another scripture comes to mind:

‘Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed.’ (Prov. 12:19 LB)

Time alone will tell.”

“The historical explanation I promised? On October 31,  1517, Martin Luther, a priest and a teacher (he had his Ph. D. in Theology) in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, nailed his grievances to the door of the Wittenberg Chapel. Pagan influences may have created Halloween, but the day was originally a day of fasting and prayer…All Hallows Even’…the day before All Saints Day (you can see where the historical All Hallows Even’ was changed to Hallowe’en…or today’s Halloween) was created because the martyrs of the Church had become too numerous to celebrate individually. Before All Saints Day (Nov. 1), each anniversary of a martyr’s ‘homecoming’ was celebrated on the date of their martyrdom.”

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, reveal to us the truth of this situation…and give us the courage and wisdom to act only on the truth; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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