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CLARITY – 11-27-18 Bullies Will Bluster


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 11-27-18

Bullies Will Bluster


What’s Happening: “First, the Annexation of Crimea (remember the ‘little green men’?), then the opening of a bridge by Putin (last May) over the Strait of Kerch (connecting Russia with  the Crimean peninsula just south of the Sea of Azoz and north of the Black Sea), then the forced inspection by the Russian Navy of all vessels entering the Sea of Azoz, and then, most recently, (last Sunday) the firing on and subsequent capture of three Ukrainian vessels attempting to sail under the bridge into the sea of Azoz ( ‘Regardless of who lives in Crimea, Russia signed a treaty upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union to respect the boundaries of all its former republics. Since then, Russia has separated Transnustria from Moldova, invaded Georgia separating Abcazia and South Ossetia and taking over Crimea. Not to mention instigating and supporting the war in eastern Ukraine,’ commented Oleh.”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “I thought we were not supposed to be the world’s policemen.”


Biblical Response:  “We aren’t…but it’s complicated. Ukraine is looking to the West (the EU and US) for intervention…we need to respect all nation’s sovereignty, but we don’t want Russia to bully Ukraine either (besides, inaction only further encourages Russia). If we don’t get involved, Russian influence will only increase. That’s tolerable, except where freedom is involved and innocent lives are at stake. Also, it’s general wisdom to realize a war fought later might have been avoided by earlier checking of unfair  aggression, Hence Nikki Haley’s words of condemnation yesterday at the U.N.”


“Christians? We’re generally for nations respecting the rule of law (Rom. 13:7), but there are those who disrespect the weak (that’s what bullying is all about). Besides, doesn’t God control borders ultimately (Acts 17:26)?”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, give our leaders the wisdom and discretion that furthers Your will;  in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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