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CLARITY – 12-12-18 Profitability Not the Measure


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 12-12-18

Profitability Not the Measure

What’s Happening: “Google, which is openly and admittedly anti-Christian, has recently approved  ‘Smart Pakem,’ an app for outing Xenophobes toward Muslims, in all countries where Sharia law is legal. Indonesia, which reports as many as 207 Million Muslims, launched this app last month. Whatever happened to free speech? Oh, I see, it’s not profitable ( Isn’t that hypocritical? So? Apparently profitability determines right and wrong.”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “Get with the times.”

Biblical Response:  “Just because something is contemporary…or doable…or profitable…doesn’t make it right. A lot of things are possible, but that doesn’t make them recommendable. Apparently Google has opted for profitability as the final arbiter of morality. It is expedient to the company’s bottom line, so it must be pursued. This kind of philosophy will not serve them…or their shareholders…or us…well. Oh sure, it might be beneficial in the short term, but not ultimately.”

“Christians? What is our final arbiter? Conscience? No, that is deceitful (Isaiah 53:6). A man will do what seems right in his own eyes. The leading of God? If it was truly God…however, many have said they were led of God,…to justify despicable things! The only faithful arbiter is the inerrant Word of God. Not verses isolated from historical or circumstantial context, but an original-language rendering that takes those realities into account. His leading will never violate His Word. And is therefore simple, direct, and clear.”

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, may we be ever vigilant when it come to supporting activities that seem right…and use the right measuring line when it comes to judging;; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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