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CLARITY – 12-20-18 Immigration & Taxation Protests Travel


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 12-20-18

Immigration & Taxation Protests Travel

What’s Happening: “Yellow Vests (a name given to the protesters in Paris to Macron’s taxation and immigration policies – named after the yellow emergency vests many of them donned) have come to many cities across Canada – Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, etc. They are protesting Trudeau’s liberal policies concerning the carbon tax and the border (   ‘I’m tired of Trudeau basically doing what he wants with our money and sending it overseas…Right now, personally, I’m facing a job crisis. All our oil jobs are gone, all our money is going south,’ protester ‘Turk’ told CTV.”  

Knee-Jerk Response:  “Great! I guess they’re coming here next.”

Biblical Response:  “Maybe. That’s good news…not bad, however. The American Revolution was begun by such (think Boston Tea Party). The debate may rage on about immigration and global warming, and soldiers will tell us about dying for the right to protest – and they’ll be the ones with their hands over their hearts when the flag passes by at parades – but the need for change is often catalyzed by those who disagree with the status quo. Still, we need to be wary of those who want change for change’s sake.”

“Christians? There was a lot of opposition, even persecution, for the Early Church for ‘novation’ – change for change’s sake. Do we favor change? As long as it is change for the better: yes. But not all change is good (Gen. 3).

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to examine an issue before we favor change, and not be afraid of change when it is warranted; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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