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CLARITY – 2-6-18 They Said…They Said


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 2-6-18


They Said…They Said

What’s Happening:  “Again, it depends on to whom you talk…the Democrats (with their response memo) or the Republicans (with their Nunes memo saying the Trump Dossier was the reason for the FISA Court approval of wiretaps). Nobody but the House Intelligence Committee has read the Democrats’ memo…and they voted unanimously to release it. Trump can stll block it ( ‘We think this will help inform the public of the many distortions and inaccuracies in the majority memo,’  Schliff, the memo’s author, said.’”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “Who are we to believe?”


Biblical Response:  “Both…and neither. Everyone’s got an agenda. The Republicans are convinced the FBI and DOJ of the Obama Administration were biased. The Democrats say they weren’t. (probably they were – and so are those Trump has picked to lead his FBI and DOJ). If you think the leadership of anyone appointed by one administration or another  is unbiased, you don’t understand the foundation of political appointees (I know that the FBI and the DOJ are supposed to be apolitical, but do you really think it ends up that way? – sure, the lower you go the more independent your leadership is – but at the top…not so much). No thinking person expects lack of bias. Elections have consequences.”


“Christians? In a perfect world everyone does what is absolutely right. But until then, we’ll have to learn how to discern through all the distortions – Republican AND Democrat – that are told by fallen men (John 8:32).”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to read between the lies and understand the varying perspectives of what our leaders will swear is the truth; in  Jesus’ Name, amen.”   © Alan E.Sargent


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