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CLARITY – 3-15-19 It Spreads


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 3-15-19

It Spreads

What’s Happening: “In an unprecedented terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand 49 were killed, countless were wounded, and it’s was all on live-streaming video (thanks to the gunman – initially posted on Facebook, the service has since cancelled the gunman’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and taken down all related postings). The Prime Minister of New Zealand, The Queen of England, Prince Charles and President Trump have all extended their sympathies to the victim’s families ( Three suspects have been arrested and the event has been categorized a terrorist attack. Two IEDs were located in nearby vehicles and disarmed (–abc-news-topstories.html). ‘This is one of New Zealand’s darkest days,’ New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Friday.”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “Wow! New Zealand! It’s the last place I would have expected a terrorist attack.”

Biblical Response:  “Evil does not discriminate geographically. Wherever unregenerate people try to take matters into their own hands, the devil will laugh in glee in the corner. Did he motivate this? Yes, ultimately (John 10:10); but God has a different plan (Jer. 29:11)…and His will ultimately prevail (Matt. 16:18). The bias and bigotry of White Nationalism may be to blame here (though no blame has been assigned…yet), but retribution for 9/11 or some other real or imagined injury does not give anyone the right of revenge (Rom. 12:19).”

“Christians? Of course, we are repulsed at this barbarism. And our job now is to empathise (Rom. 12:15) and seek justice (Gal. 6:7). And it will come.  

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, comfort the families of those who’ve lost loved ones and quickly restore the injured; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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