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CLARITY – 4-12-19 By Any Other Name


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 4-12-19

By Any Other Name

What’s Happening: “Although a Missouri judge has already ruled against the Temple of Satan, the three-day waiting period Missouri law requires for abortion is on appeal in the 8th Circuit. The church, which has a dozen congregations across the U.S., says it does not believe in a literal satan but believes that he is represented metaphorically by their ‘questioning authority and promoting skepticism.’ The suit is being brought by their member called ‘Judy Doe’  (  ‘Our appeal presents a challenge for judges who want to defy the law to promote an agenda because the Eighth Circuit will have to overrule itself to deny our claims. It is laughable for theocrats to obviously impose their religious viewpoint into law only to claim that their actions are not discriminatory by virtue of the fact that everybody is equally burdened by the restrictions they have created.’ said Lucien Greaves, Temple of Satan’s Co-Founder.”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “Doesn’t the First Amendment guarantee their right to exist?”

Biblical Response:  “Yes…and no. Our Founders were really not wanting any CHRISTIAN denomination favored by government, not any faith (which, by the way, they don’t claim to be). You could, perhaps, argue their protests were protected as a form of free speech (also in the First Amendment). However, to corrupt a verse Shakespeare originally penned, a cult ‘by any other name’ smells as foul. Our nation’s Founders are probably rolling over in their graves at how we’ve twisted their original intent to espouse contemporary belief systems.”

“Christians? Taking their word for it (which may be a stretch), doesn’t mean they get to define reality. Things are not so just because the Temple of Satan says they are not so. The deceptions they are peddling are familiar and powerful, just not powerful enough (Matt. 16:19). As the saying goes, ‘satan is mighty, but God is Almighty.’”

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to see through deception to Your truth; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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