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CLARITY – 5-17-19 Boring But Not Unprecedented


A Biblical Response to Current Events -5-17-19

Boring But Not Unprecedented

What’s Happening: “Taking from 12 to 14 hours of monotonous (and sometimes boring) reading, the Democratically controlled House conducted a complete reading of the redacted Mueller Report from a hearing room yesterday. C-SPAN also broadcast the reading and a podcast of it was made available ( ‘There [are] a lot of average people who have not seen the Mueller report,’ said Representative Sylvia Garcia, a Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. So this is an attempt to make sure that person who is curious, who doesn’t have the full time to dive through all this, to be able to listen to it and to understand what this is really all about.’”  

Knee-Jerk Response:  “Who’s going to take that kind of time? It’s just a political stunt!”

Biblical Response:  “Maybe. And people will only take that kind of time not to find something, but to confirm the suspicions they already have. The Democrats are looking to find something so they can impeach a President that embarrassed them on election night in 2016, and the Republicans are saying, ‘See, there’s nothing here.’ Meanwhile, the crisis at the border, possible war with Iran, the crisis in Venezuela, etc. goes by the wayside. Truly, the truth will set us free (John 8;32), but whose truth?

In Nehemiah (8:1-10), the Levites are reading from the law of Moses to the Children of Israel’s at their return from captivity in Babylon. They did not respond with yawns and eye-rolling. Rather, many broke out into weeping realizing what God had done for them and how far they had strayed. In fact, their leader had to redirect their repentant tears to rejoicing (Neh. 8:10), and told them it would be their strength.

“Christians? Perhaps, amidst all this partisanship, we should be rejoicing that there is such a country where a report like this could be read aloud. I sure can’t imagine this happening in Russia, China, or Iran!”

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us not to get so worked up over a mote in someone’s eye to witness the miracle of America in action; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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