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CLARITY – 6-14-18 Still Works


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 6-14-18


Still Works


What’s Happening:  “The Mars rover ‘Opportunity,’ built to last only 3 months and landed in January, 2004, continues to operate, though NASA says it may have to survive another planet-wide dust storm. Currently it’s in a low power mode and sitting in a site called, appropriately, Perseverance Valley. Half of the latest rover experiment lies stuck in the sand ( ‘Our expectation at this point is that the rover has gone to sleep, it’s in this low-power mode, and that it will remain in that low-power mode until there is sufficient energy to charge the batteries back above a certain threshold,” Callas, Opportunity’s Project Manager said.”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “Putting a vehicle on Mars seems a waste of hard-earned taxpayer funds.”


Biblical Response:  “And maybe it is…you need to speak to your Congressman about that…if he or she will not listen, speak at the ballot box. Still, the ‘vehicle’ carries copious scientific experiments gathering all kinds of environmental data which, presumably, will be invaluable to some future manned expedition. Then, there’s the incalculable benefit of the inspiration such perseverance engenders.”


“Christians? We’re also impressed with anything that continues to work. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the long-term effectiveness of the salvation provided in Christ ( 1 John 1:9).”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to realize all power comes from You and there is no storm that is so violent as to keep You from operating; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”   © Alan E.Sargent


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