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CLARITY – 6-27-20 Falling Behind


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 6-27-20

Falling Behind

What’s Happening: “In a The National Interest article that appeared yesterday, the Thursday remarks of Senator Jim Inhofe (Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee) from the Senate floor were referenced saying the U.S. was falling behind China and Russia, especially in their pursuit of technological military superiority. The cure: an increase in our priority of scientific advancement…and a consequent increase in military spending. Russia and China have ramped up in the last ten years their pursuit of hypersonics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum computing…and this doesn’t even include China’s recent bellicose activities in the South China Sea or their killing of 20 Indian soldiers on their border (  Quoting from the article: ‘Inhofe provided a lot of detail about strategic, political, economic and military concerns regarding both Russia and China, citing massive increases in the military budgets of both countries.’”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “So we can’t shout: ‘We’re Number One!’ Big deal; does it really matter if we’re Number Two or Three?”

Biblical Response:  “Yes, it matters. Your adversaries don’t attack if they think they aren’t going to win (Like 14:31-32). Why do you think the governments of our adversaries spend huge amounts on military parades? Two reasons: 1) To make their populace feel secure 2) To make their enemies think twice about attacking (I’m sue it doesn’t harm the military’s morale, either). We shouldn’t trust in military superiority (Ps. 20:7), but our enemies have respect for strength.”

“Christians?  We believe that while we should burnish our shields and sharpen our swords..and put more watchers on the wall (not too vague references to the modern equivalents of defensive and offensive capabilities…and increased electronic surveillance), our trust is in the Lord (the above scripture  reference in Psalms). Of course, we hope we never have to use them, but superior military capabilities may be one of the best deterrents to that possibility.”

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to remember that missionary agencies have sent many Gospel emissaries from our militarily strong shores (more than the rest of the world combined); and this truth: there will never be peace on earth till the Prince of Peace rules in the heart of every man (the reason we should continue to send); in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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