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CLARITY – 7-23-18 Uncivil But Not Unheard Of


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 7-23-18


Uncivil But Not Unheard Of


What’s Happening:  “It’s hard to believe…but not really. The treatment that other conservatives have received on ‘The View’ is not pretty, but a new low has been reached: Jeanine Pirro alleges that she was spat upon by Whoopi and told to ‘get the f**k out’ of the building. ‘I’m still reeling from it to be honest with you’ Pirro said in an interview on the Sean Hannity show.”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “What did she expect? Civility?”


Biblical Response:  “Probably not…that would have been an unreasonable expectation. Still, to spit and the use the ‘f’ word?! The ‘right’ would be excoriated over such behavior…an apology would have been demanded! Unfortunately, this is what our society has devolved to…if there’s no outrage, you weren’t nasty enough. God help us!”


“Christians? We are to have a different standard. Ours is: ‘turn the other cheek’ (Matt. 5:39). Is there a practical benefit from doing good to those who spitefully use you? (Lk. 6:28) Absolutely! (Rom. 12:20) This is impossible for man…but not for God. After all, wasn’t Jesus spat upon? (Matt. 27:30)”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to have the patience You exhibited when You were reviled and subjected to verbal (and actual) onslaught; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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