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CLARITY – 7-3-19 Politically Incorrect Uniqueness


A Biblical Response to Current Events -7-3-19

Politically Incorrect Uniqueness

What’s Happening: “Yesterday, something happened that is rare, at least by astronomical standards – I mean, the Sun does rise every day on this “Third Rock from the Sun.”: a total eclipse of the Sun. This particular solar eclipse was only visible in parts of the Southern Hemisphere, unlike the one in 2017, which was visible in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. There were scientific pundits as guests on every news channel and even some carried  a special ‘eclipse watch’ box in the corner of the viewing screen to mark its progress. They often explained how an eclipse happens…where the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, But in no case – even in the Wikipedia article that is linked below – did they mention the politically incorrect uniqueness of this event (,_2019). In all the solar system (maybe in all the universe) can you stand on a planet and observe this unique phenomenon – unique because the Earth’s sole satellite, the Moon, just happens to be 1/400th the size of the Sun AND 1/400th the distance to the Sun – which is why a total eclipse is even possible!” 

Knee-Jerk Response:  “I didn’t know that. How come you did?”

Biblical Response:  “Perhaps it was one of the reasons I taught Intro to Astronomy in college. Seriously, why is a total eclipse so unique? If God created the universe (and He did – Gen. 1:14) there has to be a reason for this; what was God trying to say?

That the light of God’s message to us (John 3:16) is eclipsed when the Church (the Moon is a representation of the Church – it has no light of its own…only the reflected light of the Sun/Son0 takes the place of God in our lives. There was a time for this historically – ironically, it was called “The Dark Ages.”

How about a Lunar Eclipse? Is God trying to tell us something there? Yes, but first let’s examine why this phenomenon occurs. In its orbit of the Earth (every 28 and 1/3 days), the Earth’s shadow occasionally eclipses the light shining on the Moon from the Sun. Because the Earth is larger than the Moon, the Lunar Eclipse last a little longer than the Solar Eclipse. There are two types generally of these eclipses: the Umbral Eclipse (where the darker part of Earth’s shadow eclipses the light of the Sun) and the Penumbral Eclipse (where the lighter part of Earth’s shadow eclipses the light of the Sun).

So what is their message? In both Lunar Eclipses, the Moon (remember that the Moon is a representation of the Church) appears to us to go through part of the shadow turning it (from our perspective) red (as all but the longest rays of light – the red ones – are filtered out by the shadow).  Some say “blood red” (maybe signaling useless sacrifice as worldliness eclipses the light of the Son).

Besides the messages being politically incorrect, maybe it’s a little long and too technical. In any case it was unmentioned.”

“Christians? We believe and (hopefully) heed the messages of eclipses, both solar and lunar. What is that message in a nutshell? That we were created unique by a unique God, Who has a unique love for us (again, John 3:16).” 

Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, may we never forget that we occupy a unique place in the universe and You have unique expectations of us; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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