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CLARITY – 7-30-18 It’s Anybody’s Guess


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 7-30-18


It’s Anybody’s Guess


What’s Happening:  “100 days out and it still depends on whom you talk to…blue ripple or red (nobody’s talking wave). What’s at stake? Only the economy, the Supreme Court, immigration policy, our relationship with Iran, the denuclearization of North Korea, etc. If you think it’s hard for the Congress to get anything done now, just wait until the Executive branch and the Legislative branch are of differing parties! Right now, it looks amazingly like November of 2016 (  Quoting the above article by Lloyd green, ‘Already, 2020 Democratic hopefuls, such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders have embraced the siren song of abolishing or reexamining ICE. If their views become dominant between now and November, the Republicans may yet snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.’”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “What does it really matter, anyway?”


Biblical Response:  “Did you not pay attention to what I said about what is at stake? This election may be the most pivotal one since…since…the last one. Actually. the most accurate predictor-poll may be the “Right Track-Wrong Track”poll. Most folks like the track we’re on.


“Christians? Although I’m not a fatalist (someone who believes the die is already cast – that we can’t affect an inevitable future), the Scriptures do talk about God determining who’s in charge (Prov. 16:9, 33) and where the king’s focus shall be (Prov. 21:1). Sure, He may know what decision we’ll make, but what has that got to do with free will? When you put time in the mix, it changes everything!”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to be proactive, regardless of our political bent; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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