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CLARITY – 8-10-18 Hmmm…


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 8-10-18




What’s Happening:  “The Ohio election of Trump-backed Republican Troy Balderson over Democrat Danny O’Connor, Balderson winning by about 1600 votes (less provisional and early voting – 3,000 ballots), will probably trigger an automatic recount, but over 170 registered as voters over 116 when oldest known human lives in Japan at 115; & some give DOB as 1-1-1800 ( ‘A critical swing state, Ohio has voted for the winner in presidential races in twenty-eight out of the last thirty elections. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation,’ said Ohio’s former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “I think it’s anybody’s race.”


Biblical Response:  “We won’t officially know till August 24…and there are enough provisional ballots for it to go either way…however, it’ll probably be Balderson…in spite of efforts to the contrary. Maybe the recent Supreme Court ruling (5 to 4) concerning voter fraud will eliminate all that for the future.”


Christians? We’re for integrity, and see the only way to true freedom as real truth (John 8:32). Disingenuity leads to disenfranchisement. Two big words that simply mean that lies lead to lack of influence…the system eventually takes care of itself (Gal. 6:7).”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, may the truth prevail…whether we like it or not; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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