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CLARITY – 8-3-20 Will the Printing Presses Roll Again?


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 8-3-20

Will the Printing Presses Roll Again?

What’s Happening: “The weekend has passed…the Congress is still here…in spite of their precious August recess…but still no stimulous plan…yet. Nancy Pelosi wants to hold to her guns – a new stimulus bill…Mark Meadows (Trump’s Chief of Staff) is not optimistic. The first srtimulous plan cost nearly 3.5 Trillion dollars. This would add another $1 Trillion to an already burgeoning deficit (as of Sept. 30, 2019, the US debt was $22.7 Trillion dollars – add to that the costs of COVID-19…well, you get the picture). Will they come to an agreement at ‘11:59’? ( Quoting Mark Meadows from the Associated Press article by Andrew Taylor, yesterday: ‘We still have a long ways to go. I’m not optimistic that there will be a solution in the very near term.’”

Knee-Jerk Response:  “Do I need to go back to work?”

Biblical Response:  “This is the question for some…do I take (if it’s offered) more money not to go back to work…or less money from a new (or the same) employer? (Some people are actually making more on unemployment than they were before COVID-19 caused their employers to lay them off.) Then there is the whole issue of the deficit spending…OF MY MONEY, though my great grandkids might be paying this off. What does the scripture say? Plenty:

Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another…’ (Rom. 13:8 NASU)

‘…the  borrower becomes the  lender’s slave.’ (Prov. 22:7 NASU)”

‘A  good  man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…’ (Prov. 13:22 NASU)’; the only inheritance I’ll be leaving my grandkids is their portion of my negligence!”

“Christians?  Oh we believe in paying our debts…and in never finishing paying the debt of love (see all the scriptures, above). Paying off what somebody else owes? Isn’t that what Christ did on the cross?!”

 Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to choose leaders well…especialy in a representative government…give our elected leaders wisdom…and hold their feet to Your fire; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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