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CLARITY – 9-20-18 The Responsibility of Stewardship


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 9-20-18

The Responsibility of Stewardship


What’s Happening:  “Calls came for charges of attempted murder by Ann Coulter (and others) for leaving dogs caged to drown by rising flood waters, the aftermath of hurricane Florence ( Reporter Marcus DiPaola tweeted: ‘Rescued six dogs in Leland, NC, after the owner LEFT THEM locked in an outdoor cage that filled with flood water that was rapidly rising.We got them out, but by the time we left, the water was so high that they would have drowned. BRING YOUR PETS WITH YOU!’ Although he didn’t actually make the rescue, he did film it all.”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “They’re just dogs. What’s the big deal?”


Biblical Response:  “Spoken like a true NON-STEWARD! There is a hierarchy of value that should have (and does) place humans above animals, but pet ownership comes with certain responsibilities. Anybody who can’t treat pets with the dignity and care they deserve should not own. Animals are totally dependent on the actions (or inactions) of their owners. Pets should NEVER be left to starve or drown and there are laws (cruelty to animals) that can and should be enforced.”


Christians? We were given stewardship of all of creation by God (Gen. 2:15); it was our first job. That we have given over that job to the devil does not abrogate our culpability in the matter. Otherwise, we might be lumped in with those evil stewards the Lord talks about (Matt. 33-41).”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, give us the compassion of the greater-over-the-weaker that You obviously demonstrated by Your death for us: in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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