Mint Chocolate Chip – Choices to Live By


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Anyone who knows Alan E. Sargent, knows that he loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Given thirty-one to choose from or Ben and Jerry’s menu,he will always pick mint chocolate chip. Some might say, “How boring!” And maybe making the same choice every time might seem that way. But what if your choice is the right one? Do you choose wrong the next time for the sake of variety?! Sometime ‘the road not taken’ needs to remain so.


Mint Chocolate Chip is about the choices we make–the wise and carefully considered ones and the foolhardy, hasty ones that often result in the unintended consequences that become the  building blocks of regret. Written to his children from the raw material of his life, Sargent shares his perspective on the often humorous and occasionally poignant his life has taught him



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