Real Men … for the 21st Century


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Raising Real Men in today’s world is a daunting task. Every force in our culture today is arrayed against this process. From the educational establishment to pop culture’s music and communication arts to even the church, a boy has little chance to see the modeling he needs to become the Real Men this generation must have to occupy the leadership roles that are so sadly vacant.


Real Men … for the 21st Century is one father’s attempt to say to other parents, “It can be done. It’s not too late.”


What separates a man from a boy? Manhood has standards. A man constantly sets goals that are both practical and challenging. These standards and goals motivate us to rise to the challenge of leadership that lies before us. At a time when parents are overwhelmed by financial and career anxiety, Alan Sargent uses his many years of mentoring to create Real Men … for the 21st Century.


Written to teen boys 16 and older, and more than just another “how to” book, Real Men deals with all the sleeves-rolled-up issues of Manhood; like: “The Spiritual Man,” “The Social Man,” “The Economic Man,” and “The Practical Man.” These lay out the basics that every young man must encounter and master on his way to adulthood.



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