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CLARITY – 1-18-18 Brilliant (and healthy)


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 1-18-18


Brilliant (and healthy)

What’s Happening:  “Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson gave President Trump a clean bill of health Tuesday, the first cognitive test for a sitting president, and predicted he’ll probably outlive us all in what was a ringing endorsement from a neutral physician who was Obama’s doctor, too ( ‘Absolutely he’s fit for duty, I think he will remain fit for duty for the remainder of this term, and even for the remainder of another term if he’s elected.’


Knee-jerk Response: “I guess that will end all the ‘mentally incompetent’ accusations.”


Biblical Response:  “Probably not…there are probably as many ‘armchair doctors’ as ‘Monday-morning quarterbacks’…once a Trump-hater always a Trump-hater…at least until they see how much less is taken out of their paycheck. Is Trump a narcissist? Probably. Just what the ‘doctor ordered’ (pun intended) to deal with the likes of Kim Jong-Un. Trump probably consumes too many carbohydrates, but I’d take his extra weight if I can have peace. Do you mean his diet is keeping America safe? No, but it might make him less irritable and that might be good news if you lived in the DPRK.”


“Christians? Humility and patience would be preferable, of course (Eph. 4:2). Nobody’s perfect…except One…and look what they did to Him!”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, we need to be supportive, but discriminating (not in the racial sense, of course); in Jesus’ Name, amen.”   © Alan E.Sargent


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