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CLARITY – 10-18-18 It’s All About Strategy


A Biblical Response to Current Events – 10-18-18

It’s All About Strategy


What’s Happening: “It looks like the caravans are it again, most of them from Honduras, and they’ve swollen in size from 1,000 to 2,000 (some say as high as 4,000). They are scheduled to arrive just before the midterms (strategy?). There are some efforts being made by Guatemala and Mexico to dissuade the caravan (and by threats by Trump), but the ‘coyotes’ and the cartels have other designs…and then there’s allegations of Soros funding ( Judd, a border patrol agent said, ‘What they do is they artificially create holes that they can then smuggle their higher profit behind us. It’s a brilliant strategy on the (part of the) cartels.’”


Knee-Jerk Response:  “Can you blame the people in the caravans? They are just seeking a better life here!”


Biblical Response:  “No, I can’t blame anyone for seeking a better life…especially now with the latest good news on our economy. Still, if everyone takes the jobs that are available, maybe they won’t be available much longer. And, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the Church. These people have already identified themselves as seekers…so let’s let them know Someone who can really meet their needs! I mean, the U.S. government is generous, especially to those who claim asylum. But that’s nothing compared to God (Phil. 4:19).”


“Christians? The real solution is good old fashioned missionary work (Matt. 28:18-20); creating such a life in Central America that the U.S. loses its appeal. Do you think those parents want to send their children off? Immigrants are known for their work ethic…wouldn’t that best be applied there? Let’s take that money we give ($65 Million to Honduras) and designate it for battling the cartels…eliminate the motivation to escape violence and the caravans will disappear.”


Here’s a Prayer You Can Pray:  “Heavenly Father, help us to have a strategy of our own; in Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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